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J.D. Peterson - Author of AMERICAN GILT.

J.D. Peterson – Author of AMERICAN GILT.

Author J.D. Peterson was always drawn to creative endeavors, from writing novels, poems, and song lyrics, to crafts, watercolor and oil painting.

Formal studies include creative writing and journalism, broadcasting, the business of the entertainment industry, recording production and engineering and a myriad of related subjects. J.D. was a disc jockey on KSBR (Saddleback College, CA) for nearly three years.

Her life changed with a trip to Newport, R.I. when she spotted a white swan thrashing in the ocean breakers on a cold, stormy spring morning. The swan followed her down the beach in spite of the rough waters.  

J.D. took notice, which led to the discovery of a story about a young débutante – Sara Swan Whiting. A scandal from the past had left Sara shunned by history with much misinformation perpetuated to this day (mostly regarding her husband) on television shows like “American Pickers” and “Ghost Hunters”. Dedicated to finding the truth of the scandal, J.D. launched into many years of research, which in turn led to the writing of the “American Gilt Trilogy”. Skillfully weaving the characters and events of the Belmont-Whiting Scandal together, J.D. Peterson brings history alive, drawing you into a story as real and relevant today as it was over a century ago.

J.D. Peterson - 2017 Winner – "I found it in the archives."

J.D. Peterson – 2017 Winner – “I found it in the archives.”

J.D. Peterson has researched Sara Swan Whiting’s story for over ten years, poring over historical archives and documents, family letters and personal interviews, investigating every detail and facet of history. In 2017 J.D. was the winner of the Ohio History Connection contest “I FOUND IT IN THE ARCHIVES“. Through the magic of synchronicity, photos of the Whiting family were found in the Ohio History archives. Sharing the story of her search for information and photos of the Whiting family, J.D. was the 2017 winner.

NOTE: Originally, the trilogy was published as “SWAN SONG”. One night J.D. woke up around 3:00 A.M. and ‘heard’ the title: AMERICAN GILT. In spite of the challenges changing the title presented, J.D. went ahead with the idea.

J.D. Peterson Book launch

J.D. Peterson Book launch

J.D. Peterson can be heard on radio and internet interviews. She enjoys speaking to book clubs and meeting with her readers while sharing her research from America’s gilded age, especially the story of a young débutante named; Sara Swan Whiting.                  

Readers Comments:

“This was the best Gilded Age novel I have read in such a long time.” – Ted M. 
“I literally could not put this book down! – Amy H.
“You will get hooked!” – Delighted Amazon customer

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INTERVIEW: “THE JAZZ LOUNGE” with Dee Jay Sherry B. – Get the insider details why author J.D. Peterson revealed the Belmont-Whiting Scandal of 1883 to modern readers.

It was easy to ‘buy’ the newspapers back then,” J.D.told interviewer Dee Jay Sherry. “I wanted to dig through the propaganda as much as possible.