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#10 Swim Suits of the Gilded Age.


A proper lady visited the beach fully clothed. A modern woman wore a modest beach costume. Either way it was hot fun in the summer time!

Early swimwear was extremely modest and few  photos have survived.

Victorian Swimwear –  Was typically made of Woolen Pantaloons which promoted heatstroke. But on the plus-side – no tan lines!

A gentleman also wore a modest swim suit. No ‘speedos’ here!

A day at the beach for women and men in the 1900’s – often fully dressed. The gentleman in the background is wearing a full  suit and hat.

1905 – As Swim wear hemlines went up, skin was none the less covered with stockings.

The evolution of swimwear – Losing the dress. A full body suit covers a lot of skin, while revealing this lovely lady’s curveatious figure!

                                                                                                Photo: http://www.victoriana.com

A swim suit contest from NYC in 1910 shows the changing styles in swim suits revealing more skin.

As the 20th Century progressed the swimsuit evolved into the modern look we often see on today’s beaches.