Come with me….

Travel back in time to the

Gilded Age.

To an

American Scandal

Ripped from the headlines of the


What really happened in 1883?    

Rumors, gossip and propaganda…

Based on the true story of Sara Swan Whiting, a young débutante searching for true love in 1880’s American amidst the propriety and confines of the Gilded Age. 

Courtship, Marriage – and Betrayal.

American Gilt explores the mystery, truth and hidden agenda of an American Scandal.

 What Readers are Saying about the AMERICAN GILT Trilogy:

“Excellent!! This was the best gilded age novel I have read in such a long time.” –Ted M.

“You will get hooked! This book is a page turner.” Amy H.

“I could not put these books down! They kept me up late into the night!” – Shane F.

“A beautifully written book with vivid portrayals of the characters.” – Trudy L.

“I highly recommend these books.” – Carol W.

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Astor Art Gallery

Astor Art Gallery


American Gilt Trilogy

American Gilt Trilogy



The Belmont-Whiting Scandal

The Belmont-Whiting Scandal.


Paris Exposition 1890
Paris Exposition 1890